Eleanor has taught regular weekly sessions and holiday workshops for children aged 4 16 years in painting, drawing, sculpture since 1999. She continues to develop her approach with an emphasis on facilitating imaginative responses to stimulating themes, while helping her students to develop practical skills. Eleanor believes that the artist and the student have an equal relationship, her teaching style is positive and affirming, while directing the students towards new challenges, to improve and develop their gifts. The work produced in her classes at Islington Arts Factory is exhibited annually at the showcase exhibition of children's art, MakeArt. Eleanor also offers regular classes in Forest Gate, East London as well as community art events and one off workshops. She has worked in partnership with community groups such as Bee7 and Woodgrange Market as well as The Gate Library.

Islington Summerversity 2017
Painting and Drawing Courses
Funded by Islington Government, these courses are offered free for Islington teenagers who live or learn in the borough.

Painting and drawing from the Tuesday MakeArt at Islington Arts Factory (ages 7 - 11 years)

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