Eleanor Pearce

Artist Statement

Working intuitively, ideas for art pieces come to me as images. I do not question them. The imperative is to make these visions manifest.

I trust my impulses. To be in a creative phase of working is like being in a dream. Images surface from the subconscious and I action them from there, with the tools at my disposal. I work with drawing, live art, photography and installation. The skills that I develop throughout my life allow me to articulate my work differently.

The work encapsulates a state of mind. Drawings embody the time spent, and the energies and focus that I have given to them. I may draw from direct observation, from natural history illustrations and from photographs, but each drawing has something of myself. A photograph, video or performance can also capture a state. I work with a figure or character that will come to mind and I take every step to make it real for the camera or an audience.

The images I create can work on the level that symbol or icon operate. It is my aim that they will lodge with the viewer as they have lodged in my mind’s eye. I am drawn to subjects which are wide ranging in their appeal, everyone has a bee story, everyone has something to say about owls, everyone can relate to the human form, people can recognise themselves or a friend. I want everyone to be able to enjoy and engage with my work.

For me the artwork itself is the concrete form of something that ‘wills itself’ in to being. I am the channel for this. It is a vocation.

Art is a ritual practice for me, magic making.

This mysterious, meaningful and powerful process helps me to transform and define outcomes through engaging with complexities at every stage. The result is the outer manifestation of my inner world.

The spaces where I show have a huge bearing on how the work is developed towards the exhibition and also how it is experienced by the viewer. I have exhibited in Heritage sites such as The Caledonian Park Clock Tower, Perrott’s Folly and St Pancras Church Crypt, as well as public spaces such as The Gate Library, Floral Hall, Mishka Vintage, and Familia Cafe, London.