Peony, 2011

Bloom, 2011

The Constant Bloom explores aspects of personal awakening through a visual, physical and spiritual communion with nature.

Eleanor's drawings bring together a collection of peony, rose, pansy, lily and amaryllis blooms drawn from direct observation in fine line. These are reproduced and recomposed to become a mass of flower faces unfolding in an image of constant and sensuous becoming. The project has been influenced by eastern spiritualism, in particular the mandala diagrams that are used as an aid to meditation as well as the British school of botanical drawing.

Taking the flower as a symbol of spiritual unfoldment. The images reflect aspects of a changing inner landscape, an expression of psychological states. With funereal undertones these wreaths act as an exaggerated floral tribute to a dark feminine principle.

The Constant Bloom
Archival Quality Giclée on 300gsm Hahnemühle German Etching.
Limited Edition Print, 1/11 signed by the artist
Triptych 3 x 77.4cm x 153.4cm

The Constant Bloom, Detail from panel 1

The Constant Bloom, Detail from panel 2

The Constant Bloom, Detail from panel 3

The Constant Bloom series was most recently shown at The Real World Gallery, E1